Q) What is the appropriate age for admission?
A) Two years onwards.

Q) What if the child has not started speaking yet?
A) Such children are welcomed to the Small Wonder Play School, we provide them with the appropriate environment and required care to facilitate speech development.

Q) What are documents required for admission?
A) The following documents are required that the time of registration:
• Birth certificate serving as proof of age
• Two passport sized photographs, and one family photograph
• Vaccination record or immunization card and other medical details

Q) What all activities happen at school?
A) Children here in school are engaged in practicality-based learning. Various techniques like sensory development, eye-hand coordination, concentration development, intellectual development etc are taught and inculcated in the curriculum. These activities are undertaken on individual or group based, with the help of several forms of learning aid and innovative methods to impart infotainment.

Q) What is the curriculum?
A) The Small Wonder School follows an integrated curriculum derived from varied curricula across the world. We take the best of Montessori, John Dewey, Waldorf, Seven Petals among others. The methodology of teaching concised into two words is 'Play Way'.

Q) What all activities happen at The Small Wonder School?
A) Rhymes, stories, picture reading, playing on swings such as: gym, see saw, tunnels; fixing puzzles, playing with clay, lace and bead, lacing the thread, organized movements, celebrations of various occasions, days and festivals.

FAQ - Small wonder play school