The Small Wonder Play School

The Small Wonder School dares to stay true to the words ‘play’ and ‘school’ and do equal justice to both simultaneously. We believe in unconventional way of learning. We do not teach kids, guide them to discover their potential. We merely provide stimuli to children to unfurl their wings. Kids are like caterpillars, if forced to stay in their cocoons, they will never become butterflies. Thus, we believe in inducing creativity and letting the kids learn by doing.

20 years of existence and experience in imparting quality education.
A play school, a preschool and a nursery school, all under one roof.
Highly experienced staff (as old as the school).
A strong alumni base of over 2000 students.
Innovative curriculum that incites interactive and fun learning.
A1:10 teacher student ratio because every students requires personal attention.
Intake from 2 year onwards to make sure that the kids have a firm foundation.
24 hour CCTV surveillance because their safety is our priority.
Unconventional teaching methods with emphasis on creativity.
State of the art teaching aids.
A play pan with swings, see-saw, slides and other things fun like jungle gym, Lagos, ball pool.
In – house splash pool.
Audio visual aids like computers and TVs.
Bright and colorful infrastructure tailor – made for kids.
Creativity inducing activities like paint the wall and messy day since a little fun never hurts anybody.
Yearlong activities to keep the juices flowing and the adrenaline rushing.