Principal's Desk

The founder of the school, Mrs. Veenu Sachdeva has been in the field of education for many years and firmly believes that children are not possessions but possessors of great talent and limitless opportunities and all that is needed is to provide them with a platform to express themselves and showcase all that they can achieve. She believes in giving the children a healthy and appropriate place to the children to help them blossom into wonderful human beings. The school believes in respecting the children, who are the future and will soon lead and be the driving force of changes in every aspect of life. The Small Wonder School believes in helping children become well rounded personalities filled with confidence and enthusiasm for the future.

As is rightly said, ‘ It takes a big heart to shape a little mind,’ the Founder Principal of The Small Wonder Play School, Mrs. Veenu Sachdeva is a truly caring and loving human being who firmly believes that every child is truly special. She feels that children are extremely pure and pristine and their innocence, care freeness and curiosity has too much to offer to the world that adults often forget in the due course of growing up. She loves all the students dearly and feels that we as individuals can learn a lot from them. She ensures that the children get the best of everything so that they can unravel their untapped potential and develop as moral, sensitive, intellectual and happy individuals through methods of holistic development and wishes that they have a bright and successful future.

‘Our fingerprints never fade from the lives we have touched'. The Small Wonder Play School wishes to touch more lives, to shape these gems and nurture and channelize their potential in the right directions in order to help them evolve in every possible aspect.

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